1. Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grant (2018 - 2021) “The Impact of Income Support Design on the Outcomes of Children and Youth”, Lead investigator (with Associate Professor Chris Ryan and Dr Barbara Broadway), $420,000.

  2. Helen Macpherson Smith Trust (2019 - 2020) “Healthy Wealthy Families: an innovative approach to poverty prevention - a pilot Randomised Control Trial”, Chief Investigator (with Professor Sharon Goldfeld, Professor Margaret Kelaher, Dr Anna Price, Dr Diana Contreras Suarez), $200,000.

  3. University of Melbourne, Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme (2016), Lead Investigator $25,000.

  4. University of Melbourne, Faculty of Business and Economics / Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science (2016), Chief Investigator (with Dr Cain Polidano and Professor Joel Bornstein), $7,500.

  5. University of Melbourne, Faculty Research Grant (2015), $15,000.